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“Gentlemen Callers” show- 4-25-2014 at “Super Bowl Pho-Everett”: Good music & good Phở, Skewered Grilled… and more

April 13
20:55 2014

Super Bowl Pho- Everett www.superbowlphoEverett.com

3121 Broadway Everett, WA 98201 (Exit 192 from I- 5)

Open Sun- Thurs: 11am- Midnight

Fri- Sat: 11am- 1am next day

(capacity: 350)

Coming: April- 25- 2014

Four Men Three Guitars and a Drum Set Filled with Furry April- 25-2014 – Super Bowl Pho 3121 Broadway Everett WA 98201 (exit 192- from I-5)

Gentlemen Callers

Artist: The Gentlemen Callers

Four Men: Three Guitars and a Drum

Set Filled with Furry Show:  April- 25-2014 – Super Bowl Pho 3121 Broadway

Everett WA 98201

(exit 192- from I-5) Ask: Van Ho- Manager-(425) 789-1100 * www.superbowlphoEverett.com

Friday & Saturday open until 1am

If I were to delve back into music history, it would be pretty safe to say that no live concert has ever been preceded by a screening of fairytale movie ever after. One of the stranger interludes I’ve seen, Green for the Pink’s 8 stellar acts were divided by a film that is far from Drew Barrymore’s finest.

And it would also be pretty safe to say that the The Gentlemen Callers must have had a few sweaty palms knowing that they were opening to a crowd trapped in a romcom-induced stupor.

It’s a lucky thing then that the Callers were the perfect wake-up call.

The crowd were soon snapped wide-awake by vocalist Shaun Cawston’s soaring vocals, backed perfectly by Les Milne’s deep-bass lines. It wasn’t long before the popcorn was ditched and the crowd was eating out of the Callers’ now not-so nervous hands.

The band clearly see punk and stadium rock as their calling, best heard on ‘A Girl Called Radio’, however a little taste of surf-rock, which had the crowd rocking out like it was new years eve 1959, and a killer wah-wah guitar solo in ‘Shop-On’, straight out of a 70’s funk track, were great touches, showing the band’s depth and their knack for reading a crowd.

A few technical hitches aside, the band were polished, prepped and ready to rock. The generous banter between songs and liberal doses of rock-n-roll showmanship from drummer Dan Hearn showed that these guys know how to put on a show. Let’s just hope they get a better warm-up act next time.


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