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Little Girl in Yellow Blouse – A Poem from the JakCares Foundation

April 08
19:57 2015

I saw her just as she saw me,

An undernourished little thing.

She was coming right at me,

As I stood in her doorway.


All together they were

in a very crowded room.

Full of thirty plus children

Various afflictions.


Those that were there:

Without legs or arms,

Without fingers or toes,

Without moms or dads.


Without eyes being straight,

Without lips being done,

Without minds being sound, and

Some with all the above.


Many unfinished children,

Unclaimed, unwanted, abandoned.

And they were all together

Every day in that small room.


As she got close I noticed

She wanted something,

Or needed something,

And wanted it from me.


Here she came, next to me

At my feet, hands raised high.

Pick me up, please mister,

Said silently with her eyes.


Up please, mister stranger,

She said without smile.


And I reached down for her,

And brought her gently up.

She laid her little head

Softly on my shoulder.

As though we had done it

A hundred times before.


And for those short moments

We just hugged each other.

Holding on each tenderly,

As a baby bird in hand.


After too little a time,

I had to put her down.

But she knew that already,

And she seemed to understand.


Being put down once again

Before she wanted it to,

Probably had happened

Many times to her before.


But not for me, little one

Not for me, it was my first.

For that very special hug,

And gentle kind of love.

(Author: Jon Jenkins)


JakCares Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children achieve a better life.  There are no paid employees working at JakCares Foundation.  People who work here gave their free time and offered their services through volunteering.


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