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Seattle: Seeking Justice for Tommy Le Community Forum on July 19-2017

July 20
08:50 2017

Seeking Justice for Tommy Le 

A crowd of over 150 people packed into the Asian Counseling and Referral Services (ACRS) gymnasium (on Wednesday night July-19-2017). More gathered near the door and another group watched what was happening via the online live feed from an adjacent classroom. 
In the front row, the family of Tommy Le sat with their legal team.
Directly across, sitting side by side, Sheriff Urquhart and 7 other county and state officials faced the family. Also facing the family was a large poster of Tommy’s portrait showing a jovial boyish face smiling brightly at the camera. The mood in the room was somber, melancholic, and agitated.
People came for many different reasons but one question lingered on everyone’s mind: What happened on the night of June 13, 2017 that led to the fatal shooting of Tommy?
The Sheriff’s account of the incident was in sharp contrast to the kind and gentle description of Tommy that the family knew.  According to statements made by his father, mother, brother and cousins, Tommy was a good kid with big dreams after graduation, a kid without any criminal history, not even a speeding ticket.  The family expressed heartache over the loss of their son, brother, and cousin and questioned the use of deadly force on someone with such a small stature.
Dan Satterberg, King County Prosecuting Attorney, promised that an inquest will be held soon.  At this judiciary inquiry, the police officers involved, along with eye witnesses, will be questioned under oath. This hearing will be open to the public. This case has also been referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for further review.IMG_1753
The community forum was organized by a group of Vietnamese and allies with the hope of finding justice for Tommy Le and his family. They also wanted a space where the community can share their concerns and where elected officials are held accountable to those concerns.
IMG_1773 In times of crisis, leaders emerge.  With the many challenges facing the Vietnamese community, these young leaders are stepping up just in time.
(Source : Photos: Northwest Vietnamese News)

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