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Call to Vietnamese CPAs to help Vietnamese victims of BP Oil spill

SEATTLE (NVTB)- Thao Tran has been spending a significant amount of his personal time this summer in Louisiana. This is no vacation for him as he is working closely with

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Vietnam Scholarship Foundation raises $31,000 at 8/20 Fundraiser

With just eighty attendees, the Vietnam Scholarship Foundation raised over $31,000 to fund scholarships for students in Vietnam at its Sixth Annual Benefit Event at New Holly Gathering Hall on

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Business success boils down to relationships, says architect

Donald King, president and CEO of DKA Architecture, started planning his first city when he was 12. He envisioned his metropolis along a massive river on the edge of the

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Seafair float will honor emperor who brought Vietnamese people together

The Vietnamese community’s Seafair float for this year will feature Lac Viet, a native bird, to symbolize Vietnamese migration to the U.S. It will also pay homage to the emperor

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“Amelia” brings the Vietnamese language to a major American opera stage for the first time

“I don’t know of a single major American opera that has set Vietnamese to music,” says Daron Aric Hagen, composer of new opera “Amelia.” His observation was echoed by the

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