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Why reach out to the Vietnamese?

The 2008 American Community Survey reports approximately 72,000 Vietnamese reside in Washington, while community leaders estimate upwards of 100,000. The Vietnamese are a highly visible and close-knit ethnic community. They comprise the third largest Asian population in Washington, in King County and in Seattle.

In the 35 years since the Vietnamese began immigrating en masse to the United States, they have thrived and prospered and contributed to the local economy. They rank second among Asian groups who own their businesses, most significantly restaurants, nail salons, beauty schools, construction, and landscaping. In 2008, the median household income for Vietnamese was $56,457. Almost half of Vietnamese adults have at least a college or associate degree.

Why advertise in a Vietnamese-language newspaper?

The Vietnamese are the most linguistically isolated major Asian groups in Washington, and have a much higher preference for reading news in their native language. The number of Vietnamese-language schools has quadrupled in the past 15 years, indicating a trend to encourage the preservation of the Vietnamese language. Over 50% report they speak English “less than very well.”

Local Vietnamese newspapers connect multiple generations of Vietnamese. Because the Vietnamese are a relatively new immigrant group with strong ties to Vietnam, they also rely on Vietnamese newspapers for news of their homeland.

Newspapers have long been the most consistent, readily available, and preferred source of local Vietnamese language news in Washington. In contrast, there is only one local Vietnamese radio and one Asian channel that feature local Vietnamese programming.

Why advertise in Nguoi Viet Tay Bac/Northwest Vietnamese News?

Since 1986, Nguoi Viet Tay Bac/Northwest Vietnamese News has been the primary source of information and news for the Vietnamese community in Washington. We are the only local newspaper officially affiliated with the Westminster-based Người Việt Daily, long known to overseas Vietnamese as the standard bearer among Vietnamese-language news sources.

In terms of news content, Nguoi Viet Tay Bac/Northwest Vietnamese News:

  • Has the most original, local Vietnamese-language news coverage along with the most reader-generated content in the region.
  • Has freelance writers who can report in fluent English on local issues and then we deliver that news in Vietnamese
  • Publishes original news feature stories in English to reach younger Vietnamese American readers
  • Develops its stories into TV field reports which are then broadcast to the largest nationwide Vietnamese television network, SBTN
  • Is republished in other Vietnamese-language publications
  • Publishes English versions of its coverage in Northwest Asian Weekly, International Examiner, and New America Media
  • Has the latest news because we publish twice a week- We are one of only three Asian newspapers that publish more than once a week in Washington (the other two are Korean dailies).
  • In terms of effectiveness of advertising, Nguoi Viet Tay Bac/Northwest Vietnamese News:
  • Offers advertising options with two different editions each week
  • Offers online advertising
  • Sells two to three times more classified advertising than our competitors—Vietnamese vote with their pocketbook
  • Sells more corporate and national brand advertisers than our competitors
  • We have been certified as Women and Minority Owned Business by Washington’s OMWBE office.

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